Tim Maltin

Author, historian and TV presenter


‘An unusual optical phenomenon explains why the Titanic struck an iceberg and received no assistance from a nearby ship, according to new research by British historian Tim Maltin…His findings [are] presented in his new book, A Very Deceiving Night, and the documentary film Titanic‘s Final Mystery.’ American Scientist

‘With its detailed stories from survivors of the disaster, Titanic, First Accounts is hugely engaging and adroitly debunks some of the event’s great myths. (“Nearer, My God, to Thee” wasn’t actually the last song played by the ship’s band.) The eyewitness testimonies are equal parts illuminating and haunting, revealing intimate conversations with surviving passengers who didn’t fully grasp the scope of the unfolding devastation until it was too late.’ Entertainment Weekly

‘A new book reveals the truth and myths about the giant liner and the most famous sea disaster in history.” Daily Express

‘Time was spent assessing the damage from the iceberg when nearby ships could have been steaming to the rescue, research from author Tim Maltin said.’ Daily Telegraph

‘British historian and author Tim Maltin outlines his findings in a TV documentary for National Geographic Channel…Mr Maltin, 39, from Wiltshire, unearthed weather records and the logs of other ships in the North Atlantic at the time that have remained unseen in archives for a century. Along with survivors’ testimony, he pieced together how the tragedy most likely unfolded on that fateful night on April 15, 1912. Using contemporary records, Mr Maltin discovered the ship sank at the exact location and time that freezing waters from the Arctic flowing along the Labrador Current met hotter air from the Gulf Stream. And because this bent the light rays passing through the air at this point – completely obscuring the iceberg on the horizon – the doomed liner sailed directly towards it for a full 20 minutes, when under normal circumstances it would have been in clear view of the look-outs. Mr Maltin – author of the book ‘101 Things You Thought You Knew About The Titanic…But Didn’t!’ – said his mirage theory also explains why Captain Stanley Lord, whose ship The Californian was just 10 miles away, did not attempt a rescue because the illusion made the Titanic look like a much smaller ship.’ Daily Mail

Here is the Smithsonian Magazine’s coverage of my new research findings.

The New York Times broke the story of my new findings here and subsequently covered my National Geographic film here.

For a review of much of the review coverage of my Titanic books, please visit my Titanic site here.

Peer reviews

‘Tim Maltin has done a fine job of dispelling the myths that have attached themselves to the Titanic saga since the great vessel disappeared beneath the surface of the North Atlantic in the spring of 1912. Carefully researched and meticulously detailed, this book is a worthy addition to the library of anyone who has even a passing interest in the Titanic disaster.’ – George Behe, Vice President, Titanic Historical Society 1992-1996

‘Tim Maltin has addressed the many questions and myths that have arisen over Titanic but he has gone one further than the average author in that he has brought forth the testimony of the people who were there, coupled with the latest research to back up his work. Maltin’s book is a must for any Titanic enthusiast’s collection.’ – Bruce Beveridge, Founder, Titanic Research and Modeling Association

‘For once we have a book that addresses some of myths and popular legends that have propagated down the years and been repeated in books, articles, movies, TV documentaries, and most recently on the internet. It is well written with many references to the direct evidence presented first hand by those who were there at the formal inquiries that followed the disaster back in 1912.’ – Sam Halpern, Titanic researcher and author


5 thoughts on “Press

  1. Dianne Seymour on said:

    My Grandmother was said to have a ticket on the Titanic but did not sail because she and the children she was a nanny for were quarantined just days before she was due to make the trip. Is there any log of the people who did not board but held tickets? We searched everything when she died but found nothing. I have tried to research this myself but could find nothing.

  2. Could your findings also explain the Bermuda Triangle?

  3. Alex.Radnor-boulton on said:

    If the s.s. Carpathia was only 10 Mile away on a claer night WHY didnt the TITANIC send up Destress Flares ????????:-(

    • Thanks Alex, Titanic did send up distress flares and Californian did see them, but her Captain decided not to move his ship until daylight, when it was safe to do so (he did not realise it was the Titanic sinking).

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