1. I have long been fascinated by the Titanic tragedy. I recently read the book “The Titanic Story,” by Professor Stephen D. Cox. Then, yesterday, I came across your video on YouTube, while looking for pictures of the Titanic’s wreckage site. I am impressed, sir, by your scientific investigation and your sheer persistence in this matter. I will seek to buy and read your books on the subject in the near future. I had no idea how much there was still to learn about this tragedy.

  2. I was very interested in your documentary by the Smithsonian Channel. The conditions go a long way in explaining events that will more than likely never be repeated in history. However, I was a bit put off by the explanation of Captain Lord. There was no mention of the rockets seen clearly by officers. As officer Stone put it, ” A ship is not going to fire rockets at sea for nothing.” Gibson agreed. Stone is also quoted as saying that she looked “queer out of the water.” At the same time Titanic indeed was “queer” out of the water! They reported all their observations to Lord who still did nothing. Even if he thought it was just a small steamer, rockets would’ve been something to investigate. In light of this, and more, I don’t see how the officers can be seen as nothing less than negligent. Wireless should have been used at the first rocket. As I said, great documentary during the first half, but to claim the Californian mystery solved is oversimplifying the case. They may have seen mirages but they can never escape the rockets.

    1. I agree. Lord ignored the rockets because he believed they came from a small, nearby ship, which did not reply to his Morse Lamp signals. He believed the ship he could see did not have wireless (knowing Titanic was the only ship in his area which did), which is why he did not wake up his wireless operator. However, you are right that he ignored the rockets because he felt it too dangerous to move his ship that night. I wanted to have all this in the film, but the director thought it too complicated!! 🙂

  3. Dear Tim, utterly amazing is all that I can say. I just saw the Smithsonian about the Titanic & was blown away!! Great work & persistence. Who would have thought?? As far as the phenomenon is concerned about ships & atmospheric anomalies-I have first hand account on one a couple years ago off shore in Milwaukee, WI (Lake Michigan). One day while having lunch, a big object caught my eye-it was a ship going from Milwaukee to Chicago. What intrigued me was how huge this ship appeared. I literately had to get out of my vehicle & stare for quite some time (as if my eyes were playing tricks on me). Then, as I drove a couple miles up the shore, I then could make out more vividly that the ship wasn’t as big as I thought I had seen at first. I have grown up around Lake Michigan all of my life (some 50+ yrs.) and never have I seen such a “mirage” type image of a ship I had seen that afternoon!

  4. Hi Tim, one question that I have always thought (in all my studies of Titanic this one has never been asked) why didn’t the Titanic at least “blast” it’s horn? If there were known ships in the area (within sight) on a very calm night-the sound of that “blasting horn” should have penetrated for miles. At least it would have been worth the try. I live in Milwaukee (about 5-7 mi. from the downtown harbor area) & when the “fog horn” blasts-I can easily distinguish this (and that’s thru trees, neighborhoods etc.). Certainly, the Titanic was in no way impeded by land-just open (quiet) waters . . . – Jerry

  5. I was going to send an email but I feel this is a more appropriate place to leave my comment! I just finished watching Titanic’s Final Mystery and I immediately set out to tell you what a gorgeous film it was and, as a young person, I am very inspired by the passion you show towards your work! It was wonderfully done and you are brilliant! Thank you for being awesome!!

  6. Maltin’s study was thorough and carried my suspicions about the atmosphere to conclusion. Circumstances of Stanley Lord’s autocratic attitude making the officers not press the issue of rockets, was not touched on. I think Maltin was too generous to Lord. Young and able Lord could be arrogant prodigy Lord, as other descriptions indicate. Visual acuity of Murdoch and Lightoller, ambient light effects of binoculars, and braking effects on turning radius, as well as one navigation change a few hours earlier, helped exacerbate that mirage effect into disaster.

  7. Tim, how do you react on the now known cole bunker fire, which according to investigators started before departe? AnIrish investigator suggests the fire weakened the structure, maybe playing a big role of the sinking. He also suggest that because of the budget thinner steal had to be used. Do you think it was madness of the White Star Line to sail without putting the fire out? Did the WSL cover the fire up by putting the Titanic the other way around at the dock, where the passengers came on board? Recent photos show the dark mark on her starboard bow. What do you think of this fire, and the fact they sail wih the fire burning?

    I think it would be interesting that you could discuss this with the Irish investigator. We also see on television that James Cameron came together with Robert Ballard to discuss the sinking. I wish you were there also.
    I liked your documentary very much.

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