Tim Maltin is an engaging after-dinner Titanic speaker and lecturer.  He regularly speaks at business, charity and educational events. His style is both amusing and informative.  The inspirational story of his own research, discoveries, writing and film-making suits a wide range of engagements from addressing schoolchildren to opening museums. Tim has lectured in the UK and the US and is happy to address both formal and informal gatherings of a social, scientific, literary, historical or educational nature, anywhere in the world. Tim recently addressed a private sponsors’ dinner and also gave a public lecture at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in Texas, opening their ‘Titanic, The Artefact’ Exhibition. To contact Tim about his work as a Titanic speaker, please visit the Contact page.

Reviews for Tim’s speaking work

Dear Tim,

Although I believe Les has already written to you with his own thanks for last night’s talk, I am also writing to express our whole committee’s gratitude for the truly splendid talk you so kindly gave our society last night. It was a complete tour de force on the subject, given with a passion that I think was only equalled by the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of our transfixed members; a splendid evening in every way. On behalf of us all in the Sherborne Historical Society, committee and members, I can only reiterate Les’ thanks with those of my own. It was as good a start to a new year of presentations for us as we could ever have hoped.

As a child I grew up with a tale supposedly about a distant relative of ours who survived the disaster, I think he was a kitchen porter on board the Titanic called Reginald Hardwick. Tragically, although he was saved, he enlisted in 1918 and went off to war only to be invalided home to Nottingham during his training with severe illness. He died a slow death before WW1 had ended. I believed it all as my father was also a Reginald Hardwick. Later, when doing family research I was disappointed to discover “our” Titanic survivor is no relative at all! I can well understand how an impactful introduction to what was a huge and tragic event is able to instil such a passion in one. I believe there was a young man in our audience last night, just aged 8, who will have quite possibly had similar seeds of interest and passion sewn by you and your scintillating talk.

Many thanks indeed for such a well thought out, pleasurable, and supremely interesting presentation!

Yours sincerely,

William Hardwick
Programme Coordinator
Sherborne Historical Society

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