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107 #9: Catholic workers at Harland and Wolff sabotaged Titanic because her hull number was anti-Catholic

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FALSE. This myth is based on the mistaken belief that Titanic’s hull number was 3909 04 which, if seen reflected, could be made out as spelling ‘No Pope’. However, this number has no connection with the Titanic, which had a hull number of 401 and a Board of Trade registration number of 131,428. There is also no evidence of sabotage; Titanic did not need to be sabotaged in order to be sunk by the collision.

It’s true that Protestant-Catholic relations were very bad in Ireland at that time but Lord Pirrie, although a supporter of Home Rule, would not have tolerated major disputes which interfered with the work of the Yard. The shipyards were in a Protestant area of Belfast, and there would probably have been anti-Home Rule slogans chalked up around the yard, but there was no reason to associate these with the Titanic in particular.

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