107 #50: If the bulkheads of Titanic’s watertight compartments had been higher, she wouldn’t have sunk

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FALSE. Six of her forward watertight compartments were flooded, all the way back to her No. 4 boiler room; with this amount of underwater damage, Titanic would have sunk even if her bulkheads had gone all the way up to the top of the ship, as Edward Wilding, one of Titanic’s designers, confirmed at the British Inquiry:

20953: ‘If No. 6 boiler room and the compartments forward of it are flooded, am I right that the vessel, as she is designed, is lost—she must sink?’

‘If No. 6 boiler room and the three holds forward of it, and the forepeak are flooded, the ship is undoubtedly lost as built.’

20954: ‘If No. 5 boiler room is flooded in addition, supposing the bulkheads had been carried up to D, would that have saved her?’

‘It would not.’

‘And the last question is: With No. 4 section added on, no possible arrangement could save the ship?’

‘No possible vertical extension of the existing bulkheads.’

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