107 #78: Titanic’s engineers died at their posts below decks

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FALSE. Whilst the engineers were undoubtedly all very brave, and stayed at their posts until they were discharged, they did not in fact die at their posts. When it became obvious that nothing more could be done, and the flooding was too severe for the pumps to cope, they all came up onto Titanic’s open well deck, but by this time all the lifeboats had already left.

Greaser Frederick Scott remembered seeing all the engineers on deck at the end:

5685: (Sir Rufus) ‘When you were looking over the starboard side was there anybody near you?’

‘Yes, all the engineers and firemen and all that.’ 5686: ‘All the engineers?’


5687: ‘Do you mean the Officers?’

‘Yes; the engineers that were on watch.’

5688: ‘Then, if I understand it aright, all the engineers had come up too?’

‘They were all at the top.’

5689: ‘Did they come up when you came up?’

‘Just afterwards, but some of them went up on the boat deck with me. They came up the [escape] ladder just behind me.’

5690: ‘When you say they were standing there, where were they standing?’

‘Just against the electric crane aft.’

5691: ‘Will you indicate to us on the model where that is?’

‘Yes, just about here.’ (Pointing on the model.) 5692: ‘On the boat deck?’

‘On the boat deck.’

5693: ‘That is the last you saw of them?’

‘That is the last I saw of them.’

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