107 #104: The bollards to which Titanic was moored can still be seen in Southampton, England

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TRUE. Ocean Dock in Southampton is still a major cruise ship and passenger liner berth. 

It was originally dug especially for RMS Titanic and her slightly older twin sister, RMS Olympic.

Originally known as The White Star dock, Titanic was moored there, at Berth 44, for her maiden departure on Wednesday 10th April 1912. 

Due to depart at noon, Titanic sailed approximately 15 minutes late.

In the above photograph of Titanic’s departure, her mooring bollards can clearly be seen. As can the South Western Hotel in the background, where many of Titanic’s passengers stayed for their last night on land.

There was also a special boat train to Titanic from London Waterloo, and the railway comes almost into the back of the hotel, with the tram lines all the way down to Titanic’s berth still clearly visible in the cobbled quayside.

It is well worth a trip to Southampton to see the hotel and Titanic’s dock. And as you touch those bollards, remember that Titanic’s mooring ropes were once secured around them, and that the great and iconic liner of legend departed from that very dock, on her first and last voyage into history.

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