107 #46: Some third class passengers woke up to find their cabins awash

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TRUE. This did happen in the case of single male steerage passengers, berthed in the forward part of Titanic on G deck, close to the collision point. Some of these men awoke to find the floor of their cabins awash. Third Class passenger Daniel Buckley was in one of these berths, and remembered this incident in his testimony at the US Senate inquiry:

DAB005: ‘How did you happen to come over to America?’

‘I wanted to come over here to make some money. I came in the Titanic because she was a new steamer. This night of the wreck I was sleeping in my room on the Titanic, in the steerage. There were three other boys from the same place sleeping in the same room with me.

‘I heard some terrible noise and I jumped out on the floor, and the first thing I knew my feet were getting wet; the water was just coming in slightly. I told the other fellows to get up, that there was something wrong and, that the water was coming in. They only laughed at me. One of them says: “Get back into bed. You are not in Ireland now.”

‘I got on my clothes as quick as I could, and the three other fellows got out. The room was very small, so I got out, to give them room to dress themselves.

‘Two sailors came along, and they were shouting: “All up on deck! unless you want to get drowned.”’

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