107 #47: Passengers used chunks of the iceberg in their drinks after the collision

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Possibly. It would have been possible to use pieces of the iceberg in drinks as the iceberg Titanic struck was made of freshwater glacier ice, and not sea ice, which is salty.

We do know that passengers handled pieces of the iceberg following the collision. Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall recalled, in his 1962 BBC radio interview, taking a piece of ice from a Third Class passenger; and First Class passenger Col. Archibald Gracie, in his memoir The Truth about the Titanic, recalled his friend James Clinch Smith (who did not survive) showing him a piece of ice shortly after the collision:

‘I now for the first time discovered that others were aroused as well as myself, among them my friend, Clinch Smith, from whom I first learned that an iceberg had struck us. He opened his hand and showed me some ice, flat like my watch, coolly suggesting that I might take it home for a souvenir. All of us will remember the way he had of cracking a joke without a smile.’

It’s possible that with freshwater glacier ice being featured in jokes such as this, and with the First Class Smoking Room still being open, passengers may well have added the odd chunk to their drinks, in the spirit of fun which still continued for many even after the collision.

However, due to the large amount of ice in the area, it was exceptionally cold on Titanic that night and several survivors recall drinking hot drinks at the time, such as hot toddys and even hot lemonade.

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