107 #92: A higher percentage of Irish people died on the Titanic than any other nationality

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FALSE. The number of Irish passengers on the Titanic was in fact relatively low, although several films have given the impression that the Irish dominated Third Class. In fact, even if it is assumed that all those embarking at Queenstown (now Cobh) were Irish, there were only 113 Irish passengers in Third Class, of whom 40 were saved, or 35.4%, while of 183 non-Irish British passengers, only 38 were saved, or 20.8%. Only 100 non-British Third Class passengers were saved out of 410, or 24.4%, making Irish people more likely to survive the sinking of the Titanic than any other ethnic group. However, of the five children under the age of 12 who embarked at Queenstown, none survived the sinking.

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