107 #93: A higher percentage of third class men died on Titanic than second class? More women were saved than men?

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FALSE. Approximately twice as many Third Class men were saved than Second Class men, as a percentage of their classes.

Only 14 of 175 adult Second Class men survived, or 8%; compared with either 75 of 462 or 55 of 454 Third Class men, depending on which statistics in the British Enquiry have been correctly printed. Either way, this is a total of 16 % or 12% of Third Class men saved, both of which are significantly higher than the only 8% of Second Class men saved.

Were more First Class Men saved than Third Class, as a percentage?

No. 60 men survived from Third Class and only 58 survived from First Class. However, this is unsurprising given that there were 450 men in Third Class and only 176 men in First Class. The actual survival rate is therefore considerably higher for First Class men, at 33%, than Third Class men, only 13% of whom survived.

Were more of Titanic’s male passengers saved than crew?

No. 22% of Titanic’s crew were saved, as opposed to only 16% of Titanic’s male passengers. This was because several crew members were required to be in each lifeboat, to handle steering and rowing, etc. and all the deck and engine room crew were men. This resulted in more crew being allowed to get into lifeboats than male passengers, who had to wait under the rule of women and children first. Crew members saved included several officers, such as Third Officer Pitman, who was told by First Officer Murdoch to go with lifeboat No. 5, after helping to load it; and Titanic’s navigating officer, Fourth Officer Boxhall, who was ordered to take charge of lifeboat No. 2 by Captain Smith. Major Peuchen, a passenger who was also an experienced yachtsman, also survived in this way, when Lightoller allowed him to go as crew in lifeboat number six, to avoid it going away undermanned.

Were more women saved than men?

No, in total, 338 men were saved from the Titanic and only 316 women. Again, this was a function of the fact that Titanic’s crew included 862 men, but only 23 women. Titanic therefore carried a total of 1,667 male passengers and crew, as against only 425 women passengers and crew. In other words, only about 25% of people on Titanic were women.

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